Flame Channel

18 11 2009

Thanx you Mary for the video.

During the last week we had to use arduino do gice a new life to an old product. The brief was to re-use an object found in the garbage and use it in a unexpected way, adding a bit of surrealism.
We (Jesper, me and Li) to transform a television in a fireplace.
Since put a real fire inside of a plastic (and not tempered glass) television could be dangerous, we decided to simulate it with fabric and led. The propose wasn’t to make a likely fire, but make it nice (and why not…kitsch).
People can interact with the television in different ways: if the fire is dying, people can grab the antenna and try to fix it, or if they have cold hands, they can put them close to the back of the television to get some warm air.

Jesper at work

Hairdryer and light sensor






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