Guerilla Intervention – W/Air

15 01 2010

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Before Christmas we took part to the COP15 with a Guerrilla Intervention at Klimaforum9.
We exposed the project created during the two-week ‘Performative Design, Wearable Technology and Sustainability’ workshop with David Gautier, Di Maidstone.

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During the workshop we thought about extreme future and what people could need in a catastrophic world.
Instead of a classic oxygen mask we create a confortable “breathing” necklace which filters and stores CO2 from air and provides O2 for the user: W/Air. The stored CO2 will be used as a high font of energy to be reused in everyday life.People can wear it when they go out and, if the air pollution is to hight, the necklace produce a sound to warn the user to close the  front  to protect themselves. The user will be also warned when the filter for the CO2 is full, and the user can easily replace it.

Pedro's pic

To crate the mask we had the opportunity to learn to use sketch on the body technique and lasercut.

Pedro's pic




One response

15 01 2010

wow!!!! it’s amazing!!!!!! this is a smart way to talk about earth ‘s problems!!!


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