Can’t stop doing…

15 03 2011

The worst (and sometime the best) part of freelancing is that you can have a working day empty between one thing and another… but your mind cannot stop, and you fill that time with the most various things.
This time was the turn of “make a new case for my laptop”  project.

Well, it’s not that I want to promote this case as a design piece, but this give me an opportunity to talk about something else.
I’ve been asked so many time: “do you feel you can say you’re a designer?” my answer is ” I think I couldn’t be anything else”. I love projects. This case it’s an example. I thought about it for some days, I thought how it should be and look like, and then I could have sat and do it…no. I didn’t. I sketched it!

I made instruction for myself for how to build it… and you could think that I did it not to forget the plan. Maybe… but that’s not the ultimate reason since it’s a one day project, and my memory it’s not that short. I draw the step by step to see if what I hat in my head before touching the material was real. To check if my abstraction had ground in the reality. If looking back the process it’s different it means that I made a wrong preview of how the material will react under my hands. And this doesn’t happen only with material stuff. I like to fix in my mind everything I can learn from processes…there is something magic when the knowledge pass under your skin without you understanding how it got there.





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