The Third & The Seventh

2 02 2010

woooo, this guy can do almost everything!



11 03 2009

Finally on the web!


Italo Calvino scrisse una volta che le città non si possono classificare tra felici ed infelici, bensì tra “quelle che continuano attraverso gli anni e le mutazioni dare la loro forma ai desideri e quelle in cui i desideri o riescono a cancellare la città o ne sono cancellati”. Leggi il seguito di questo post »

Sprechi domestici

16 11 2008

l’Oreiller Rêveur (the Dreaming Pillow)

19 09 2008

Interactive installation by Armella Leung (Création, graphisme, programmation) end Olivier Oswald (Musique originale, sons, fabrication des capteurs).

And visit Armella Leung website she’s doing amazing works!… from now I’m her fan 😉 …

Processing for Nike

14 07 2008

This is another example of merging processing and videos.

Even if processing is used to build prototipe I think that it’s great for those such a things.
…and codeing for visual realization can be FAN!

Rullo di tamburi.

26 02 2008

Il progresso

A friend of mine, Adriana Uccelli, send me this 3d. Its title is “Il progresso” (the improvement). I think it’s really amazing so I would share it with all of you. Nowadays it’s “just” a static render, but i’m waiting for tha animation…

She made this for a course in Politecnico di torino using 3D Studio Max. It’s nice that product design students learn to use 3d softwares not only for engineering purpose.

Nivea Spot

13 02 2008

Someone asked me about it…

This is a short animation that I’ve done for the course directed by Ciammaichella.