Arduino recipe: the video

29 07 2010

This is the documentation of “Let’s cook some Arduino together”

Thanx Jacek


Let’s cook some Arduino together

29 04 2010

Here we are… the final project is in front of us. What am I going to do? Don’t know yet exactly. I’ve picked 4 words that synthesize my starting point: social, collaborative, performance, esthetic.
In the other hand, some of my schoolmates suggested me to work with food. I don’t think I would like to work with food, because it is my passion and I don’t want to reinforce the Italian stereotype. But. I also thought that there is something that embrace these words, that I’ve already experienced: making the homemade pasta together. So, I thought that this could be an interesting experience using the same process, doing something completely different. Something that if you do alone is so boooooooooring and take toooooooo much, but if you do it together it has some kind of magic…like learning physical computing for someone that has no knowledge about it.
I was thinking… how can I merge this with something that has no smell or taste? I said to myself….let’s start from the experience! So I asked some friends to help me, and teach me an Arduino recipe, and make it together.

Yesterday, the first cooking lesson happened for real, with Jacek Barcikowski as grandma that know the secrets of homemade pasta.
I have to say, it was amazing to learn with him. The experience was much closer to making pasta than I expected.
Work with hands, drinking coffee, gossiping… everything seems so easy!

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Flame Channel

18 11 2009

Thanx you Mary for the video.

During the last week we had to use arduino do gice a new life to an old product. The brief was to re-use an object found in the garbage and use it in a unexpected way, adding a bit of surrealism.
We (Jesper, me and Li) to transform a television in a fireplace.
Since put a real fire inside of a plastic (and not tempered glass) television could be dangerous, we decided to simulate it with fabric and led. The propose wasn’t to make a likely fire, but make it nice (and why not…kitsch).
People can interact with the television in different ways: if the fire is dying, people can grab the antenna and try to fix it, or if they have cold hands, they can put them close to the back of the television to get some warm air.

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Arduino: Week1

8 11 2009

During this week we went trough small projects to start coding and prototyping with Arduino. Our teacher this week is Massimo Banzi, and I have to say that it’s pretty fun to learn with him!

First Exercise (Monday):
use external output as commands for a processing application.
Laura and me used light sensor to play pong.

Second Exercise (Tuesday): use external input and output through Arduino.
Laura, Shruti and me tried to built a scaring box. The fan we used it’s not enough powerful to scare people but… still working responding to a light sensor.

Third Exercise (Wednesday): connect two arduino. the first for reciving input, the second to send output.
Jennifer and me built a box to calculate the happiness average of the class. Everyone can tell to the machine how happy or sad it is, changing the global average 🙂

Thanx Jeany for the pic

Thanx Jeany for the pic

We used an RFID reader as input, and a servo motor as output. The hardest thing was checking the value of the rfid and turning it into a precise value for the other Arduino, but at the and, thanx also to David, we managed to do it 🙂

Forth Exercise (Thursday&Friday): free experiment with arduino.
Me and Jennifer decided to go on with the “emotion machine” so we came out with the hug-scarf. It’s a scarf that require hugs trough a pulsing led, and when the person that wear it have been hugged it alight. One by one the LEDs fadeout till the last led start pulsing again requiring another hug.

Thanx Mary for the video

and remember… forloop in the wrong position inside arduino code can mess everyting!

Ciid it’s a Bubble

5 11 2009

That’s the final project I presented ad the exposition.
Maybe you can think that I like bubbles… and  it’s true, but, the reason why I chose to go on with this project,it’s because I’ve the desire to use code to produce something that seems organic.
Before this project I used processing to fake interfaces, and go on through static page, but, thank to Dennis Paul&Patrick Kochlik (The Product) and David Gauthier I wrote this code, and now I know how to manage arrays and classes 🙂
– Alice saresti fiera di me –
I hope I won’t forget tooo fast!!

Thank you Marcin for the video

Thank you Ishac for the pic

Processing week…

16 10 2009

…that’s the result!


Code on Dress

29 05 2009

I find amazing when different field interact to create something like this!

This collection was created by Cait Reas and Casey Reas.