Guerilla Intervention – W/Air

15 01 2010

Pedro's pic

Before Christmas we took part to the COP15 with a Guerrilla Intervention at Klimaforum9.
We exposed the project created during the two-week ‘Performative Design, Wearable Technology and Sustainability’ workshop with David Gautier, Di Maidstone.

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l’Oreiller Rêveur (the Dreaming Pillow)

19 09 2008

Interactive installation by Armella Leung (Création, graphisme, programmation) end Olivier Oswald (Musique originale, sons, fabrication des capteurs).

And visit Armella Leung website she’s doing amazing works!… from now I’m her fan 😉 …


18 09 2008

Reactable, a new generation of music instrument awarded with the golden Nika at Ars Elctronica 2008


17 09 2008

Last weekend I went to the vernissage of Palinsesti. I found this interesting…

Group son:DA (Metka Golec & Horvat Miha) investigate the new technology language. They look at this world considering the material aspect as part of the interactive world.

more at : palinsesti2008 – son-da

Valcucine – Fuorisalone2008

29 04 2008

This video show how Valcucine let visitors test the glass strength. For the Fuorisalone2008 they transformed a test invented by the “controllo qualità e sicurezza” (quality and safety check office) to check the real quality of the material in a sort of game for people visit the area.

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Digital Water Pavilion

26 03 2008

Architets, designer and curious shall look at this!

Digital Water Pavillion

The Digital Water Pavilion is a big interactive installation made for Zaragoza Expo 2008 by MIT Media Lab’s Senseable City research group.

Philips Pavillon here again…

18 02 2008

padiglione philips

Last friday I went to the opening of the second edition “Borsa di studio Giannino Furlan”.This exhibition, about analysis of architectural spaces, collects the tree winners of 2008.

One of them, Fabio Santarossa, presents his project about Iannis Xenakis e Le Corbusier: one video taken in Le Tourette in Lione with Metastasis (first Xenakis’ composition for orchestra) as sound track, and a big resonance panel (you can see it from the picture) that play original music of Philips Pavillon (Bruxelles 1958). This panel make a surprising spatiality of sounds. The intention was to rebuild sound effect inside the Philips Pavillion… I cant’t say if that’s trwe, becouse I’ve never been in the original, but it’s really amzing!