28 07 2010

On the concept I’m formulating for my final project I need to track food inside the kitchen. I thought about image detection, but that’s hard to prototype, especially in a not “neutral environment” so I decided to experimenting with fiducial.
But… maybe I pushed this to far ;-p


Get crazy with food!

21 07 2010

Before summer break, Ishac and me, we were working together for Lego.
We found a nice space for our creativity, so nice that we couldn’t stop and leave it in the class… and what’s a better place to carry it, if not the kitchen?
Ishac had this idea to transfer the experimentation with materials, in food field, and when I heard his proposal I accepted to participate without hesitation.
Since I’m working on food for my final project aswell, I thought that get crazy on make weird combination in taste and consistence will be a nice way to refresh my mind on the topic.

We went to the supermarket and bought ingredients we liked, and when we got home we made a list of things to cook:
°° ham rolls with ricotta, soy bean sprouts and paprika
°° melon with cream and rigatino
°° brown pasta, grapes, pecorino, pine nuts, yogurt and pepper (in the oven)
°° rolls filled aubergines with pear + different spices on it – curry or curcuma or turmeric
°° rolls filled leaks fried in orange juice + cinnamon
°° rolls with avocados with ricotta + paprika powder
°° strawberry with balsamic vinegar

if you want to know more about this crazy evening Ishac is much more scientific that me in documenting the process!