30 06 2009

That’s great!!

This is an electronic musical instrument for realtime manual beat slicing of audio samples.

By Luca De Rosso

look how it works at…


8 04 2008

StormRaiser is an interactive installation born during the IxD lab2 (by Philip Tabor & Gillian Crampton Smith). Team project: Alice Lucchin, Camara Marina and me.
Our installation is for parties at the Magazzini del Sale, a large waterside warehouse in Venice. The interaction is caused by people’s excitement: the more they dance the more the environment changes.

more at IxD website

Shadows 180°

1 04 2008

Finally (thanx the sun comes out again here in Venice!) we put an end to this project called Shadows 180°. In this work, realized for the Teoria del Colore course (by Roberto Casati), Marina Camara and me, we film shadows on the street with the idea of make an analysis on perception. What we obtain is a city of shadows, just rotating the image what we see is shadows that project their body on the ground. Look at this with your eyes!

Thanx Leadro Lisboa for the post-editing.

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Nivea Spot

13 02 2008

Someone asked me about it…

This is a short animation that I’ve done for the course directed by Ciammaichella.

Usable Witchery … 2

29 01 2008

Visto che nel web è finalmente apparso il video della fase due “animatronic hand” vi posto anche questo.

Usable Witchery

23 01 2008

Questa è la seconda settimana di “Usable Witchery”,workshop propedeutico al corso di interaction design, tenuto da Yaniv Staine. Cosa stiamo facendo?Un po’ di tutto, comunicazione, prototipazione, video, programmazione, ecc… Vi lascio un assaggio di quello che stiamo facendo in questi giorni. 

 more at.. workshops/usablewitchery-venice/