Bendable, Musical Shoes for Nike

21 04 2010

This is simply amazing.
Can you imagine parkour with this shoes on?

more at :


Thounds on iPhone!

20 01 2010

Bravo Francesco! ClapClapClap

8-bit trip

15 10 2009

I’m going on to post posting something also from the world and not Ciid 🙂
So.. you won’t get bored about all this speaking only about school.

For those who love lego, stop motion and old games…
1500 hours of moving legobricks and take photos of them.


22 09 2009

For everyone who always thought that needs a better way to share musical ideas… and also for everyone curios about services that allow people sharing stuff in a different way.

really nice project!


30 06 2009

That’s great!!

This is an electronic musical instrument for realtime manual beat slicing of audio samples.

By Luca De Rosso

look how it works at…

Dente _ Baby Building

24 03 2009

Her morning elegance – Oren Lavie

21 03 2009

For fun Facts about the video visit –

Oren Lavie music on iTunes-…

Her Morning Elegance
Directed by: Oren Lavie, Yuval & Merav Nathan
Featuring: Shir Shomron
Photography: Eyal Landesman
Color: Todd Iorio at Resolution
© 2009 A Quarter Past Wonderful

“Her Morning Elegance” written and produced by Oren Lavie, from the Oren Lavie album The Opposite Side of the Sea
© 2009 A Quarter Past Wonderful/Adrenaline under license from Tuition