Castions-Zurich (30-12-2008)

13 04 2010

It takes 1 year and an half to be done… but at the end I found the right inspiration.
Just a memory collected in a different way.
… if you can, use speakers or headphones that allow you to feel the bass 😉


Adobe Photoshop Cook

19 02 2010


video by Lait Noir

The Third & The Seventh

2 02 2010

woooo, this guy can do almost everything!

8-bit trip

15 10 2009

I’m going on to post posting something also from the world and not Ciid 🙂
So.. you won’t get bored about all this speaking only about school.

For those who love lego, stop motion and old games…
1500 hours of moving legobricks and take photos of them.

Videoprototype week – step 2&3

14 10 2009

After the start exercise, we went deeper in the videoprototype concept.

We made two video to understand the difference between hight-low resolution and hight-low fidelity. The resolution it’s more about the quality of the video and props, the fidelity it’s about how deep the concept has been explained. Depending on the need, the video wuold be different. A low fidelity video, for exaple, colud be useful to open a discussion or brainstorming, a high fidelity it’s a better video to present a refined concept.

The topic given was immagine a service called Energise that could help people so save energy in the everyday life. That’s our experiments.

high fidelity high resolution

low fidelity low resolution

please let’s go see others works! most of them are amazing! ciidVimeo

Videoprototype week – step1

12 10 2009

Last week we went trough the videoprototype workshop by Vinay Venkatraman

We started with a nice exercice just to approach media: every group had a short “Canovaccio” on a piece of paper and had to record 5 minuts about the story, then we had to switch shoots with another group and edit the material without know what about their story.

That’s the result:

our shoot (Jacek’s and mine)

our shoot (Jacek’s and mine)

if you’re courios about others work… CiidOnVimeo

LED everywhere!

11 04 2009