Bendable, Musical Shoes for Nike

21 04 2010

This is simply amazing.
Can you imagine parkour with this shoes on?

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k.rings selected!

19 04 2010

K.rings have been published on “La fabbrica delle idee”!

One year ago I took part to a competition (Made in Macef) with this project, and now is on sell!
You don’t find your keys? Phone them!

Castions-Zurich (30-12-2008)

13 04 2010

It takes 1 year and an half to be done… but at the end I found the right inspiration.
Just a memory collected in a different way.
… if you can, use speakers or headphones that allow you to feel the bass 😉


17 03 2010

The ‘Sidetrack’ table peripherally records you as you work in the home, tracing a pattern as you move from space to space. Markers plot this pattern as the table spins, oscillating in time with your movement between rooms. Sensors are placed in the areas you want to observe, for example the desk, or the kitchen.  By placing tags on the table, you purposefully work towards set tasks, with the patterns reflecting the journey towards these objectives. In this way, giving value to the intangible effort and pockets of time you devote whilst working from home.


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People Centred Research

2 03 2010

I feel guilty, not to say anything about the user research course (nov-dec 2009).
It have been such an intense period that it’s hard to explain what we’ve been through, especially in some words.
but…I just want to say that I was so glad we had the opportunity to do research for real in Hillerod Hospital, and I’m glad I shared this experience with “the best team ever” (Ishac,Jacek, Jesper, Pedro,Sebastian).

We worked it the pediatrician deparment, and the staff  there have been super helpful and nice with us.
We had the opportunity to interview them, and observing how they work, and they introduced us also to some patient and patient’s parents to interview them as well.
We discovered that the pediatrician department should became a “family department” and we decided to work in this direction.
If you want to know more about this topic follow this link

TUI – prototype

22 02 2010

I’m looking forward to see the final result!

Adobe Photoshop Cook

19 02 2010


video by Lait Noir