17 02 2010

I’m in love with the lasercutter!


The Third & The Seventh

2 02 2010

woooo, this guy can do almost everything!


29 01 2010

Asha is an iPhone application that helps reunite families and loved ones torn apart by disasters and conflict. Using simple Bluetooth technology, Asha allows rescue workers and refugees to collect names and locations of people they meet and sync them across platforms- independently of a functioning communication infrastructure. Meeting a person who is missing a loved one, the resulting database can be searched – revealing where and when the loved one was in the vicinity of an Asha equipped phone.

Asha was designed in response to the overwhelming amount of refugees and internally displaced persons in the world. Estimated at 42 million* worldwide, this number represents not only human tragedy at the global scale, but also the tragedy of thousands of families torn apart while fleeing from disaster or conflict areas. Often stuck in camps and shelters where communications are severely limited, people are forced to carry the immense mental burden of not knowing where their relatives or loved ones are – sometimes for years at a time.

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Thounds on iPhone!

20 01 2010

Bravo Francesco! ClapClapClap


17 01 2010

Keepclose is a virtual keepsake  box, thought to collect memory during a precise period of time.
People can gift it to someone that’s going though a special moment in their life (travel, live abroad, birth…) to share memory from that time.

Shruti, Dean and me made this project during the first two week of GUI course (with Timm Kekeritz and Frank Rausch – Raureif).
Since we decide to make a apple application, we focused on make the look and feel of the application close to the apple application.

Guerilla Intervention – W/Air

15 01 2010

Pedro's pic

Before Christmas we took part to the COP15 with a Guerrilla Intervention at Klimaforum9.
We exposed the project created during the two-week ‘Performative Design, Wearable Technology and Sustainability’ workshop with David Gautier, Di Maidstone.

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15 01 2010

This is a little application in Flash I made two month ago. I discover it in my HD today, making the documentation for the CIID website. It’s nothing special, just an ap to learn how to use Flash, but I think it’s funny, that’s why I want to share it with you.

It’s so hard to think that was two month ago… I went through so many things last months that seems so far away.