Bendable, Musical Shoes for Nike

21 04 2010

This is simply amazing.
Can you imagine parkour with this shoes on?

more at :


Processing for Nike

14 07 2008

This is another example of merging processing and videos.

Even if processing is used to build prototipe I think that it’s great for those such a things.
…and codeing for visual realization can be FAN!

iPod+Nike… iWay

3 03 2008

Last week I ricived an e-mail form Apple showing a new product made by the collaboration between Apple and Nike. The project is based on a different use of the I-pod, you can use it connected with nike sensor, so you can run listenig music, take data of your path, your heart-beat, time…

Now I would like to show you a project that Riccardo Perello and me have made in 2004.
For the course of “design du produit” (product design) at Strate College we had to choose two brands (better if from different area) and think about a (five years)product that could born from the aim of the two.

The name of our project was iWay, because it was a new generation iPod think for runner. The shape was the ipotetical result of the aim of the two brand. Leggi il seguito di questo post »